Member 1
Matteo Toscani
Bournemouth University
Colour and Material Perception, Peripheral Vision, Perceptual Saliency, Touch Material Perception, Visual Illusions
Collaborator 1
Anna Metzger
Bournemouth University
Active Perception, Multisensory Saliency, Touch Perception, Material Perception, Visual Illusions
Collaborator 2
Kameliya Krachunova
Bournemouth University

Individual Differences, Visual Saliency and Eye movements, Visual Illusions
Member 3
Mark Gather
Bournemouth University

Touch Perception, Multisensory Perception, Shape Perception
Collaborator 3
Giuseppe Claudio Guarnera 
University of York
Computer Graphics, Computer Vision, Material appearance, Color imaging, Applied perception
Collaborator 4
Tao Chen
University of York
Machine Learning, Computer Vision, Deep Learning, Pose Estimation, Robotic